A huge leadership challenge is organizational official source capacity roaccutane reçeteli fiyat and employee engagement 

  • Does my organization have the key capacity it needs to win and deliver? Are we optimizing what we do have? 
  • Are my staff and teams really focused on the right things? 
  • Are they committed to contributing at their best? 
  • Does my organization incentivize top contribution and collaboration across all functions?  Or are unintended barriers getting in the way? 

Odds are your employees want to contribute and deliver – no one comes to work hoping to fail. 

  • BOS Solutions can help you harness the best of your staff and finetune your organization’s capabilities.   

BOS Solutions will align your teams and organization around key results and capabilities by:  

  • quickly identifying the barriers to execution and strengths to leverage 
  • helping you to break through to the most productive culture and capabilities that suits you and your organization  

Getting started can be the biggest challenge.  That’s where we come in. 

The “entry point” to our work together is unique to your situation – with BOS Solutions, you’ll choose the approach that best suits your needs and interests.  Here are some common places to begin: 

  • The Functions/Departments – Departments and functions must work together with shared goals to be successful. We will help you figure out what’s holding them back and how to take it to the next level.  We will work with you to align around key results, determine what success looks like in concrete terms and energize collaboration and teaming.    
  • The Teams – align and motivate your team members towards the key goals.  Identify and implement the simple, practical adjustments that will boost results.  Identify and eliminate the distractions. 
  • The Employee  – determine the capabilities your staff need to truly deliver quality at pace.  Engage in training and development that advances your organization and satisfies the individual desire for growth. 
  • The Individual – managers can enable or subvert (unintentionally) strong performance, and leadership exists at every level.  Learn what you can do to get the best out of yourself and those around you by working with a positive, perceptive and candid coach.   

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in a longtime role or someone who is brand-new to your position or organization, BOS Solutions can help.   

Sample organizations for which Dana Bos has delivered results: 

  • Intel Corporation 
  • USAID 
  • Biogen 
  • Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition  
  • Management Sciences for Health 
  • USO 
  • First American Title Insurance Company 
  • Independent Educational Consultants Associations 
  • Seed Global Health 
  • The Chautauqua Institution 

“Even though Dana has no technical background in a very technical group [semiconductor], the staff looks to her for leadership and she delivers. They see her as a peer and partner.”  

Tom Franz, former Intel Corp VP, now Chairman of the Board at Serious Integrated, Inc.